Below are all the lead sheets and videos we’ve produced so far. If the one you’re looking for isn’t here, let us know and we’ll get onto it as soon as we can! To make sure you know when new resources are released...

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If you’d like to use the lyric videos to introduce the songs you can:

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  • download the videos here (smaller file sizes)
  • email us at for a link to larger file sizes

We’d love to hear feedback, news of how you’ve used these songs, and any mistakes!

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(draft) Sheet Music

Please let us know if you find any errors

All around the world
Lead sheet pdf

A long long long long time ago
Simple lead sheet pdf
Alternative lead sheet pdf

Enter through the narrow gate

Father you are king of heaven
Lead sheet pdf

God is bigger
Lead sheet pdf

God made everything
Lead sheet pdf

God’s people in God’s place
Lead sheet pdf

God showed us his love
Lead sheet pdf

He has risen!
Lead sheet pdf

It’s a light and a hammer
Lead sheet pdf

It’s a New New Day
Lead sheet pdf