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from the album

All Together Now


Verse 1
Have you been to see the doctor
Feeling fully fine?
They’d say, ‘Why did you come here?
It’s a waste of time’
But there is a doctor we all need to see
Jesus Christ is calling:
‘Come and follow me’

Dr. Jesus will see you now
He gives a brand new start
Not just for the things on show –
He sees inside our hearts
Dr. Jesus will help you now
Forgiveness is the fix
The healthy don’t need a doctor – it is the sick

Verse 2
When the sinners came to see him
Others criticised:
‘Why does Jesus eat with them,
People we despise?’
But the doctor ordered
That they would belong
God’s kingdom is for those
Who know they’ve done wrong

Verse 3
When we came to Christ, he saved us
Like he said he would
Through his death and life again
We’ve been changed for good
Come and see the doctor
Come just as you are
Jesus Christ is calling
He will heal your heart

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