God doesn’t have a birthday


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from the album

All Together Now


Verse 1
God doesn’t have a birthday
No moment he was made
For he is the beginning
He made both time and space
But when I think about it, I simply cannot see
How God’s always been there
Living eternally

Our God is higher than the heights above
His ways are not our own
Praise the one who blows our minds
Trust in him alone

Verse 2
God chose to have a birthday
He came into the world
When Mary had a baby
Small boy, eternal Word
But when I think about it, I just don’t understand
How Jesus can be God
Living life as a man

When we meet God, we also find mysteries
He is infinite, and I’m just a limited me
Such deep thinking about the God we know
Shows he’s not just more than us, he’s in a league of his own

Verse 3
God gives us a new birthday
When we are born again
By trusting Christ the Saviour
Who gives life without end
But when I think about it, I simply cannot see:
How the Holy Spirit’s
Moving like the breeze

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