Never (I’m like a jar of clay)


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from the album

Word on the Street


Verse 1
I’m like a jar of clay
Weak and so small
Keep fighting every day
To trust in the Lord
Battered, bruised and nearly broken
Under pressure from each side
Never crushed, my God has spoken
With his word I’m satisfied

Never have you let me down, O Jesus
Never will you let me go
Never will you turn your back on me,
You never leave me on my own
You never give me more than I can carry
Never let me fight alone
Never are my prayers to you unanswered
Never does your love run low

Verse 2
Inside these jars of clay
Weak and so small
Your treasure’s on display
Good news for all
Jesus lived and died, he’s risen
Soon he’s coming back again
We will speak the words you’ve given
Come and meet our faithful friend!

Verse 3
Now through these jars of clay
Fragile and frail
Your strength is on display
You never fail
When I’m weak and still keep going
It’s your power at work in me
Lord, your love will keep me growing
Your grace is enough for me

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