It’s A New New Day


We've been so busy attending to cutlery emergencies and other non-specific acts of awesomeness that we're still working on all the resources for the new album. We'll get them uploaded as soon as we can.

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from the album

This is Awesome Cutlery


Thank you Father for today
Teach me how to choose your way
Help me lift my eyes to see who you are
You are faithful, always true
Every good thing comes from you
Meet me in your word and help me worship you

It’s a new new day to sing your praise
It’s a new new day to walk in your ways
It’s a new new day to make you known
It’s a new new day to see your kingdom grow

Jesus you are all I need
Thank you that you died for me
Help me know you’ll always be here with me

I am weak but you are strong
When I stumble you hold on
Help me turn away from sin and worship you

It’s a gift of time you give
One more day for us to live
One more chance for us to call
On the name of Christ the Lord

CCLI Song ID: 7094167
Copyright © 2016 Dan Adams and Gareth Loh