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from the album

All Together Now


Verse 1
The Father put us in his Son
He joined us through and through
Every place that Jesus goes
Is where you’ll find us too
Through heaven’s special offer
of Jesus Christ the King
We get grace, love, joy, and hope
Choose him, get everything!

We’re in Christ, who is life
United to the Son
We’re in Christ, who is life
We share all that he’s won
Joined up by his Spirit
Who lives in our hearts
Now we’re one with Jesus
We’ll never be apart

Verse 2
God the Father loves the Son
A love older than time
Jesus Christ now shares this love
It’s his, it’s yours, it’s mine!
Because of God’s great mercy
We’re precious as can be
Taking all of God’s love in
Is like trying to drink the sea

Verse 3
When God the Father raised the Son
We also rose with him
We set hearts on things above
And turn away from sin
This life cannot be taken
So we give God the thanks
Safer than a tortoise
who is living in a bank

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